Go for sailing

-Better use soft sided bags, as storage is always a problem

-Small forgotten items might make your life difficult

What to bring with you

-Any specific prescription drug you need. There is always a first aid kit on board, but only with the very basics

-Personal effects

-Sun block, it is very important   

-Bathing suits

-Beach towel

-Sun hat

-Deck shoes


-Light mackintosh

-A second pair of glasses or contact lenses, if you use those

-String keepers for your glasses or sun-glasses


-12 V charger for your mobile phone

-USB with your personal music

-Driving license, in case you want to hire a car

-The original sailing license

Share from the beginning responsibilities and roles

-A sailing boat is not a democracy, not even on holidays, the role of each crew member must be clear

Have a good and careful check in

-You might feel that is a waste of time, but is the most important point for carefree holidays

-Ask the base manager to explain you in detail the operation of the sails, the engine, the VHF, the electric panel, the electronics, the pumps, the valves and the toilets

-Ask him to show you the location of the safety equipment and the spare parts

Make a briefing to your crew

-The skipper and the co-skipper should inform the rest of the crew for  the location and operation of the safety equipment

-Make sure that each member of the crew and especially the inexperienced ones, will get a basic knowledge of operation for the galley, the toilets, the electricity and the pumps

-Everyone needs to feel comfortable and secure on the boat


      Now this might seem like a lot of items to check, procedures to follow, but we have found that spending a few minutes before the trip and then a few minutes before departure can make all the difference in order to have the sailing holiday of a lifetime.